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Lets face it, your just here for the remote nodes

What happened to the fanciness? Turns out the site didn't work well if you have javascript disabled, and a lot of security minded people disable javascript. So back to the pure html it is!

Mine on xmrpool.net to support the services of Moneroworld

Moneroworld Open Nodes

--daemon-address node.moneroworld.com:18089

Largest list of random open nodes volunteered by other monerians.

--daemon-host node.xmrbackb.one

A high speed node network maintained by Snipa, developer and maintainer of xmrpool.net

What is an Open Node?

Use these at your own risk!

The Monero software architecture allows for an easy way to use Monero without downloading the entire blockchain. This is called "using a remote node". Essentially, your wallet program connects to someone elses monerod (blockchain) program, a.k.a "node" a.k.a. network service

It is somewhat slower, and there is some information leak, as detailed here.

That being said, no one can steal your monero because you use a remote node.

You should really run your own node

Its honestly not that hard - it can take 9 hours to synchronize if you have a SSD and a good internet connection. Also, these remote nodes are NOT reliable. A lot of times they just won't connect, because the software really wasn't made for this.

Download your node software here: GetMonero.org and learn how to run the software here

Please consider donating if you use these open nodes.

I run some of them, others run others.


The address below is for the maintainer of the DNS stuff that makes the 18089 nodes accessible


The address below is for the maintainer of the xmrbackb.one nodes


MoneroWorld runs a script every 5 minutes to scan the Monero network for open nodes.

To use with the Monero GUI, enter the node address here. Be sure to enter the proper port!

18089 for node.moneroworld.com

18081 for node.xmrbackb.one

How does it work? the open node addresses actually point to many different nodes - when you request one, one in the list is selected. So if it doesn't work once, just try again.

--daemon-address node.moneroworld.com:18089

Largest list of random open nodes volunteered by other monerians.

--daemon-host node.xmrbackb.one

A high speed node network maintained by Snipa, developer and maintainer of xmrpool.net

If you would like to offer your node up for inclusion in the Moneroworld Network of Open Nodes,

you can simply add the following code to the launch of your daemon (and open your firewall), and the MoneroWorld script will sniff you out and add your node to the random list

--rpc-bind-ip YOUR.EXTERNAL_IP.GOES.HERE --rpc-bind-port 18089 --restricted-rpc --confirm-external-bind

Run the script on your own daemon!

The current version of the script is on a fork by some other dude

Hidden Nodes

i2p: gyzyfxa6y2ayqbycvci3dz2pc2tjf6rnkcttvb3aubtxawkrmg5q.b32.i2p

Please consider only using this to push transactions and not full wallet synchronization.

monerotools.i2p also has a raw transaction pusher

Tor remote nodes

Note - I don't check these, at all. No idea if they work



i2p mining route

For those that want to mine via i2p, you can with MoneroWorld.com

Instructions can be found at http://fjetvybcoerd3dukjfxf5i7aiihlt7b2twudooakp4qcdwzwr7ia.b32.i2p/

I will update this with a hostname once its registered

If you already know how to route via i2p, the mining port is


Awesome Monero Accepting services

Cloak VPN - no account needed!

RootBox VPS

What is Monero?

Monero is the best cryptocurrency, ever. Seriously. 99% percent of the problems that other cryptocurrencies have, Monero has either fixed or the core team is working on fixing them soon. Primarily, to me, the important thing is that Monero is fungible. One Monero can not be distinguished from another Monero. There is no transaction history. This is a fundamental principle of money. Anything that is inherently traceable (such as bitcoin) is not money - it is an asset. Privacy is a side effect of fungibility. Oh yeah, and the blocksize is scalable so Monero will NEVER reach a transaction limit imposed by the blocksize. Monero is also decentralized due to the ASIC-resistant proof of work algorithm, therefore the network will never be controlled by a small number of entities.

For users new to Monero

Welcome! Getting started with Monero is not hard, but can take a couple of minutes.

The Monero Stack Exchange is a great resource for beginners.

1. Get a monero account (address)

There are many ways to get a Monero address. The best way is to download and run the monero blockchain program called monerod. Once that is running, you then need to download and run the Monero wallet software called monero-wallet-cli. These programs are available at the Monero project website. There are also excellent guides on the core project website. For more information on getting started with monero, please checkout this MoneroEric.com or watch the video below

2. Start Exploring Moneroworld

The MoneroWorld as far as Gingeropolous is concerned

XMRPool.net, quite possibly the best pool in existence!
GetMonero.org, the webpage maintained by the core team
Offline Monero Address Generator
MyMonero.com, the one and only webwallet trusted by monero users
Monerobase.com, a really open Monero information repository
The Monero Source Code
MoneroBlocks.info, the best monero block explorer in existence
Explore.moneroworld.com, the second best block explorer in existence
Monerohash.com, a great US based monero pool
Poloniex.com, the best place to buy Monero and freak out as the price goes up, down, and all over
XMR.TO, the best way to spend your monero anywhere bitcoin is accepted
Monerodice.net, the best place to lose your monero by gambling, because proceeds go to Monero. You can also bankroll the house
The Monero Subreddit, the best place to see Monero stuff without crazy stupid trolling
"Blowing the Lid off the Cryptonote Scam, with the exception of Monero", required reading for anyone getting into Monero
A nice little windows installer and monitor for the Monero Core software
A nifty tool to check that a transaction made it to an address, made by Core Member Luigiiii
Other tools, including ice cold storage account, made by Core Member Luigiiii
Monero Stack Exchange, the best place to find answers about common monero questions.
Monero.how, great site sites lots of tutorials.