Monero Development Spaces

This is a list of places where monero development and research happens
These things can be hard to find for those new to the space.. the only other way is to lurk on IRC and get involved with the social side of development.
You can find the hangout spots here
This is generally meant to help you find the information that can't be found on

Monero PoW development

As of 2018-12-29, most of this work is occuring in these repos:
RandomX by tevador - this is a proposed new PoW that executes random code.
CryptonightR by schernykh - this is a massive tweak of cryptonight that includes random math. Scerhnykh has also provided a lot of the tweaks for the twice annual PoW tweaks so far.

Kovri development

This is the IP hiding tech for the monero network.
This gitlab can be found here .

Monero blockchain pruning

As of 2018-12-29, this is being developed by moneromooo
in this branch. Or is it a tree.
Though there is a more recent effort to make a prune-only testnet here
In general, you can probably just surf moneromooo's repo to find cool things to work on.

Monero RPC sharing / hash for service

This is described as premium remote nodes on the main page, but I think this concept is so cool.
Basically, users needing RPC services from monero nodes can provide mining hashes as credit for services
So, node operators can be rewarded for providing RPC services.
This is another moneromooo effort that can be found here

Primary monero research and development

This is the main repo, with links to monero research lab and kovri. It should be noted that most of these repos will be migrating to self-hosted gitlabs
The Monero Project Github Account

Noncesence Research Lab

This lab focuses on Big Data related things with the monero network. One of the things they do is catalogue and store a lot of data about the blockchain and network for future research
Github page here

Monero Examples Github Repo

This repo is full of useful code that can get you in and all around the monero code and network. For instance, this is where the onion blockchain explorer is maintained and where openmonero is maintained

General Github Search results

It turns out, a general search for monero in github can get you a lot of fun places.

MyMonero development

This is the home of mymonero development, which was the first remote viewkey scanning wallet service. This type of system was replicated in openmonero.

Wownero Development

Wownero is another cryptocurrency that is maintained by jwinterm, a really old head in monero (like me). Its a fun repo because they do wacky stuff that is too cutting edge for monero
The github repo is here.

xmrwallet development

This is probably the best open source android wallet available... because it has node-o-matic.
This is the github repo

Multi-sender transactions

Could be used for coin-join type things.
Needs a space.

P2Pool for monero

Decentralized mining pool for the monero network.
Needs a space

Lightning network related development

Payment channels. Kind of related to multisig
Doesn't really have a dedicated space

Tari development

Digital assets sidechain for monero.
This is the github.

Someone is doing their best to help document monero. Can be found here


Monero blockchain monitoring. Github here